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January 05 2012

December 03 2011

14 days photo challenge.

  1. A photo of you holding a sign with something important somebody once told you. Caption: “Someone once told me…”
  2. A photo of you doing something you love
  3. A photo of a time when you were really happy
  4. A photo of you that makes you laugh
  5. A photo of you in a place you love
  6. A photo of your eyes. Or eye.
  7. A photo of you wearing your favorite clothes
  8. A photo of you and your best friend
  9. A photo of you wrecked 
  10. A photo of you after a long night/day out
  11. A photo of you from 2 years ago
  12. A photo of you on a birthday
  13. A photo of a memorable day
  14. A photo you were told you looked good in.
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November 22 2011

(Play with the fishies, click to feed them).

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November 13 2011

Play fullscreen
Star Trek - Alien Voices - Spock Vs. Q
Click to see Leonard Nimoy go "WHEEEEE!"
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January 27 2011

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December 07 2010

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October 17 2010

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September 14 2010

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the app we all secretly desire :)
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